(313) 355-5249

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Phone Number: (313) 355-5249
Search Date: 2019-01-23
Area: Detroit Zone 1, MI
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (313) 355-5249

  • kgs

    Let the call go to voice message. VM was an automated message saying something abt vehicle warranty.

    09/03/13 4:52 PM
  • stacy

    I had this number call me multiple times. I finally followed through with the call and when the guy called me back I asked him what kind of car I drive. He laughed and said what the f*** then hung up. I bought my car through a privet party and have no warranty!

    08/29/13 7:14 PM
  • Elmo

    I got a call from this number after I created a Craiglist Ad, a machine said that my vehicle warranty was going to expire and in order to avoid fees I should talk with a representative, so I acting stupid and I fallow their questions, if "this" thing was real they would've know what year my car is ... right? - Well, their first question: What year is your card? - Press 1 is at least 5 years old, press 2 if it is 6 or more years old ... ??? Wtf? I thought they knew, then after my wrong answer they ask me to wait for an agent, the call dropped and they call me back from (202) 803-4977 but I didn't answer so later I called them back and a machine says "Thank you for calling if you want us not to call you press 1" - got a call from 313-355-5249. Said to press 1 to have someone call me back about vehicle warranty. I was in the mood to really mess with them so I pressed 1. Got a quick call back from 202-803-4977. Took a few seconds for someone to finally come to the line and speak. Again - I knew it was bogus, but just wanted to mess with them. He asked "is this a business" and replied "Yes" and he hung up on me. Ha ha... Called both numbers back to try to get a live person and both numbers have a recording... to have your number removed from our call list, press 1... no name of company or any other information.

    08/13/13 6:57 PM
  • A B

    Got a call

    08/09/13 10:05 PM
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