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Phone Number: (312) 578-7015
Search Date: 2017-06-28
Area: Chicago Zone 01-Franklin, IL
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Central

Comments (312) 578-7015

  • Karen

    Told them that I don't do surveys over the phone and hung up.

    12/27/15 1:46 PM
  • Diamun

    on my cell phone, this sucks

    01/26/15 3:48 PM
  • 1Mad Cow

    Got a call on my cell phone from 312-578-7015. As usual, I don't answer unfamiliar numbers, and since they didn't leave a message, I researched the number. Simple fix on a cell phone, just blocked the number and no more CDC. With the past and recent CDC blunders it's ironic that they want us to mindlessly divulge our personal information when they can't even tell us the truth about the origins and contents of weaponized pathogens and immunizations that can harm and kill us, or give us sound and truthful advice on how to protect ourselves. A potential pandemic is a great way to disrupt mid-term elections and to further institute a medical tyranny where they can make better use of those FEMA camps "Relocation Centers." I guess they were waiting for the right time. I'm sure not everyone who works at the CDC is a mad scientist, genetically combining Ebola and Rabies for an effective biological weapon akin to the zombies portrayed in popular TV shows, movies, and major city-wide Zombie outbreak exercises (Dallas anyone), or influenza with Ebola for vaccinations in Africans before the outbreak.

    All it takes is a little research, CDC sponsored syphilis experiments (Tuskegee), sterilization efforts via immunizations and other eugenics-based agenda driven experiments on our civilian population, military men and women, and international victims which in turn makes $Trillions for Big Pharma and any other medical-based corporate entity has been going on since before a CDC was created. The perfect Problem-Reaction-Solution in play, and a CDC survey from helpless blind sheep just helps them along. So go ahead and do the survey so you can give them an inside on how they can soft-kill you more effectively. Alarmist? Maybe a little because when the CDC and the government in general bold-face lies to you, it's kind of hard to keep your cool. No one has to believe me (I hope no one does), just go out and do your own research and stop relying on (and mindlessly believing in) corporately controlled media outlets for your information. I know it's easy for someone to tell you what to believe, but the hope is that you will not utilize what your God has given you, a mind to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Everyone, if you are still sleeping, then wake up and please be safe. For those of you who are already awake, keep up the good fight, I'm with you. This is the part when we do what we can to help each other.

    Screw their survey, the heads of the CDC can go to Hell!

    10/23/14 11:19 PM
  • Dawn

    This number 312-578-7015 is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Survey. University of Chicago is doing this study as a research program for CDC.
    UNDERSTAND You Do Not have to do the Survey......or if you choose to do so,
    You Do Not Have to Answer Specific Questions that you prefer not to answer. They verify everything by repeating your answer to be sure it is what you are saying before they input it.

    I had an unknown number call. I just do not waste my time normally with unknowns any more. If I get an unknown, often I will look the number up like I did and found this page. I then research more. With this one, I returned the call and they explained who they were, what they were doing. They mentioned that the call may be recorded and that the phone numbers are randomly selected. The representative I talked to was very professional and polite in every way.

    It is a beneficial study for them to determine the need especially for small children up to age 4 years old even or less and their immunizations needs: Specifically by the survey questions the influenza immunizations; how many in a particular time period they have received, and which one(s) they received, injection or inhaled one. They do ask if there are others 18 or older and how many in household. They ask where the child received the immunizations.(doctor, health department, pharmacy, etc) They speak about WIC and if anyone is receiving it in the home. They ask your Birthday and you can give month and day or month, day, and year. They ask an estimate of the annual income. They ask for you zip code (which to me if you choose to do the survey is very important-for privacy only give the first 5 digits [the last 4 tells your home's full address]) They ask how many cell phones are used and how many are used of those with persons 18 years and older. They ask ethnicity and which particular one(s) you would prefer if there is one of mixed ethnic background. The also would like for you to give your physicians' name(s).

    At the end they will give you the site to check out about the ongoing survey and more information (Note: I had already researched and found the website and information of this survey before I returned the call when I searched the phone number) The website is www.cdc.gov/nis
    They will ask you after you take down the website if they could have permission to contact you after you have viewed the website. If you say no, that is it. If you say yes, they will try to verify the best time to call you back which is usually about a week later or sooner if you give them a time and day.

    UNDERSTAND the person they call does not get paid by what i understand since nothing of such was mentioned.

    They are trying to do this to see what areas need more areas providing the needs of the children in regards to the immunizations especially for the younger children. They are trying to help to prevent more preventable illnesses and fatalities especially in young children.

    Prayers for all
    God Bless

    PS Just in case you ask....I do not work for CDC or the University of Chicago. I am just one of those random USA citizens that prayerfully will make a difference for the positive lives of our USA citizens as a whole. Don't forget to Vote. :)

    10/01/14 5:23 PM
  • G man

    I have received a call from this number once a day and never answered. I found this site doing a number check and glad I did. How can I remove myself from this caller?

    08/10/14 7:32 PM
  • jeff

    repost since link deleted out for face book - type https semicolon slash slash www face book dot com slash ExtremelyPissedOffRightWingers3 slash posts slash 166708103515957

    did not answer caller, call did not go to voicemail either so no message; my phone is programmed to who for calling so I do not answer callers unknown, if they do not leave message oh well you'll never get a call from me

    04/02/14 8:09 PM
  • jeff

    oh wow man, see this

    did not answer caller, call did not go to voicemail either so no message; my phone is programmed to who for calling so I do not answer callers unknown, if they do not leave message oh well you'll never get a call from me

    04/02/14 8:04 PM
  • CC

    Dear Anonymous - Last time I checked, you can't send a text to a landline. No wonder they didn't respond, Doofus!

    04/02/14 11:06 AM
  • anonymous

    tell them it is a business line and they will take you off the list

    03/18/14 10:22 PM
  • Steve

    They called and asked for donations to the American Taliban society. Needless to say, I was quite upset and they started swearing to me! I hung up and hopefully they wont call back.

    03/06/14 9:04 PM
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