(305) 602-0903

Phone Number: (305) 602-0903
Search Date: 2018-04-19
Area: Keys, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (305) 602-0903

  • Jim

    This is insane. Everyday, twice a day they call. Today I picked and immediately asked to be taken off their caller list. After a slight delay of silence, the response was "problem" and they hung up. With all of the screaming about "rights", why can't we hold these a-holes responsible?????

    08/29/13 3:30 PM
  • Martha

    I've answered this phone call and somebody from "yellow us pages" claims that they want to give our business a free top web listing for two months with no obligation, $60.00 per month if we would like to keep it. They ask you to verify the address of your business among other things. When I told them I wasn't authorized to make any decisions regarding marketing, she called back the next day (today) and stated that my boss had authorized me to talk to her. Then she wanted to put me on the phone with a third party verifier so I told her to call me back in 20 minutes so I could talk to my boss first. When she called back I told her that my boss denied ever speaking with her about this supposed authorization. I then informed her that the rest of our conversation was going to be recorded and was that ok with her? She replied "sure" and promptly hung up.

    08/28/13 6:09 PM
  • Dennis

    Same here. Just silence and busy when you call back.

    08/28/13 5:11 PM
  • James

    Same here. No one on the line. Trying to call it back just gets busy signal.

    08/16/13 10:18 AM
  • Larry

    Caller ID says: Marathon FL.

    I've picked up but no one on the other end. Only silence.

    08/01/13 10:50 AM
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