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Phone Number: (305) 440-5496
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Keys, FL
Provider Type: Landline

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  • Rachel

    I got a call from this company saying I'd just accepted a reward from a marketing partner. I fell for it because I'd just cashed in a Bing reward, so I listened to the schpiel. Guy said I'd been given a $100 Walmart Card, $20 American Express, and $40 off on gas. All I had to do was review the documentation that came with my 'rewards' in the mail for a money saving discount program (one of those deals that saves you money on shopping w certain stores).

    Sounded a bit too good to be true, but I was willing to play along if they were going to mail me something. Then came the 'All we need is you to pay shipping and handling costs of $5.95'. I asked the guy the company name again (Ipro Premium Rewards Co) and told him I'd be happy to check them out, and he could call me back tomorrow if he wanted a sale, since I knew he was likely commissioned. He went into this VERY aggressive diatribe about how I was fully protected because the FCC records every one of their phone calls (huh? Bologna) and on and on about how I was safe, so he'd just transfer me to his confirmation department.... Every time I told him I wasn't going to give him a credit card today, and he was welcome to call me tomorrow after I'd checked them out, the rep tried to transfer me to his confirmation department. Getting a 'soft' yes and an agreement to be transferred is clearly how these telemarketers are paid. This went on back and forth for about 5 mins.

    Finally, I told him one of two things were going to happen. Either he could call me back tomorrow after I'd had a chance to check out the reputation of the company, or he could put me on his 'do not call' list. HE then got nervous and got off the phone with me. Definitely a scam.

    I was contacted by phone number 213-378-1133, but the guy definitely identified himself as Ipro Premium Rewards Co, so clearly they've switched call center numbers.

    04/14/15 7:53 PM
  • Darlene

    I fell for this as they hacked into a Walmart phone call that I made to customer service in regard to an order I had placed online and couldn't get to go through to checkout. Walmart has since stated that they have nothing to do with this reward scam. I have shut down my credit card. I hope this will be enough to prevent further consequences from these scammers.

    02/21/14 11:40 AM
  • shade

    i was called by 'ipro rewards department' or so they say, asking for my name, mailing address, and a credit card number., if it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam...

    02/19/14 9:50 PM
  • dida

    screaming angry scam caller full scamers

    11/06/13 8:03 PM
  • gennaro

    I was able to get back too the number and is listed as ipro rewards dept. Asking for credit card number full scam

    11/05/13 11:50 PM
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