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Phone Number: (305) 417-6255
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Keys, FL
Provider Type: Wireless

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  • Carmen

    They just called my 17 year old son with this same threat looking for me. Can anyone suggest how to stop these people from these harassment calls?

    02/25/14 2:14 PM
  • JN

    Got a call this morning. Said they were calling from sheriff dept, needing to serve federal documents on my husband, for a case XXXXXXX. Needed to contact them immediately within 2 hours or warrant issued. When pressed, could give me no information (claimed federal law) and claimed to be an Accufile case.

    Problem for this scammer, is that we declared bankruptcy 3 years ago, due to being laid off from work and $150,000 in medical bills. Only debt we owe is IRS and Student loans, and they are both being paid monthly.

    contacted the local sheriff, verified no warrant or civil papers are being sent to my house or to my husband.

    nice try scammer. Clay County sheriff dept is NOT happy about this.

    02/11/14 12:27 PM
  • cindy, wa.

    Same call from Fl.305-417-6255 1/29/14 you have 2hrs. Before sheriff comes to door,call this # 1-800-571-0934. To take care of that payday loan , from 10 yes ago. Never
    Knew the law to deliver us mail .Need to stop this ,some how some way Now !!!

    01/30/14 1:35 AM
  • Ramona

    I got the same call this morning on a family member that doesn't live here. This is such a scam that I'm appalled at the tactics that these scammers use. If these idiots did their job properly, they wouldn't call and make idle threats. So beware anyone who gets a call from these people.

    06/11/13 12:35 PM
  • mrs katheryne levin

    Hello, i too received a call today from somewho who identified themselves as "Accufile." The claimed to be representing my local Sheriff's Office, saying that my husband would be delivered a court summons today for a law suit that was filed over a debt. Very clever they were to create the appearance of a process server hired to notify us of this legal action.
    I told them that my husband does not live here, but that he has only a PO Box in another state, and that i talk to him daily and would be able to notify him of this action.
    The "agent" then told me to have him CALL "THIS" NUMBER to have the summons stopped for my address. Little did i foresee, but when my husband called, they simply wanted him to take care of the debt over the phone.
    And what was the debt??? A CELL PHONE BILL from 2002, which was charged off in 2007, and from a COMPANY WE HAVE *NEVER* HAD DEALINGS WITH BEFORE! -T MOBILE FOR $900+
    Beside the appearance that this may be identify fraud against us (an account in our name which we never knew about), this COULD ALSO very well simply be A CRIMINAL ACT TO TRICK US INTO "SETTLING OUR DEBT" -though T MOBILE ITSELF HAS NEVER CONTACTED US DIRECTLY regarding this "supposed debt.".
    It is also APPARENT THAT THIS "COLLECTION AGENCY" CONDUCTS GROSSLY DISHONEST -EVEN UNLAWFUL COLLECTION PRACTICES, and whether the claims of outstanding debts made to all of us who have gotten these calls is even TRUE? -perhaps other victims can contribute their story for corroboration and a consequent lawsuit of our own!!!
    -The latest form of piracy against the working class perhaps. How can we get them stopped?

    06/07/13 5:47 PM
  • NJ

    These people are posing as law enforcement officers and placing threats of arrest over the phone unless we call them within 2 hours and give them a file number.

    05/20/13 5:49 PM
  • So here's the deal

    WOW!!! Same identical tactics as the above stories... same two phone #'s. 305-417-6255 & 888-980-8267

    I am a bill collector of 20yrs now. And I am appalled at this company T&H Financial Firm, John Murdock 1-888-980-8267 ext 204... I also teach the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) at the company I work for... and I have never witnessed the outright intentional violation of consumers rights; as this company did today.

    They called my husbands cell phone and gave him the same spill they give everybody else; Sheriff department, 2 hours, Payday Loan from 2004, 3k in court fees, credit card for $200.00 to make it go away....

    These people and this company are in violation of at least the following:

    1) Misleading and deceptive practices
    2) Failure to give the Mini Miranda
    3) False sense of urgency
    4) Demands for monetary amounts that are not contractually legal
    5) Failure to send the consumer a written notice of the debt

    And so on !!!!!!!! A good Attorney needs to start a class action lawsuit... if so please contact me at neicyr@yahoo.com

    05/02/13 4:26 PM
  • Robert

    Most likely a debt collector. He is impersonating authorities and using intimidation and threats to get people to call a different number with a case number (1-888-980-8267). He claimed to be "Chris Howard" with the sheriff's office, and said I'm being served with a summons - but he was calling from Florida, where I've never been.

    04/30/13 3:16 PM
  • J

    Called and asked for someone who doesn't even live here, wanting to check when they could send out warrent papers, and when would someone be home to recieve them. Beware.

    03/29/13 5:21 PM
  • frank

    Called me and my dauther many times saying the first few times my mother owed money and there was a warrant? Just called now and wanted to know if anyone was home to receive court papers for my mom. I told them she doesn't live here and besides I m in upstarted Ny so I doughty there coming from Florida overnight to serve whatever what a scam

    03/14/13 7:13 PM
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