(305) 301-2890

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Phone Number: (305) 301-2890
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Miami, FL
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (305) 301-2890

  • SSA Applicant

    FYI: Social Security uses these spoof numbers.

    05/08/14 10:12 AM
  • MadNYC

    I blocked text msgs after 4 yrs of Buy Junk Cars texts from SoFla diff #'s. So now they CALL, It's a spanish automated message saying "If you have been injured, you have the right . . .." There is NO option to opt out or speak with anyone when called back. I also got a message saying GPS-60 when I call back to REMOVE myself. This is so annoying. They call me in NYC at 9am for four days in a row.

    03/10/14 2:09 PM
  • Silly

    It's Spanish, not Spinach, get it straight Copper

    03/10/14 11:52 AM
  • copper

    Got called. Pressed #1 for further info. Some fool speaking spinach tome. I told him no "Espinach". He hung up on me .

    02/12/14 4:15 PM
  • bert

    Scam phonecall
    They get your number from items you sell on craigslist

    12/11/13 4:40 PM
  • Doug

    I wasn't able to answer the phone in time, but when I called back it said it was disconnected or something, I'm not sure. Also sent them a text, and got no response,

    12/02/13 3:00 PM
  • jerry

    me too. Not sure why/what the point is of them calling. All you hear is a beep, then they hang up. I would love to find out where these calls come from so I can visit the building can cut all their communication lines in the nighttime....

    11/05/13 10:11 AM
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