(302) 655-5049

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Phone Number: (302) 655-5049
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Wilmington, DE
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (302) 655-5049

  • Jenny

    I also got a call just now but I didn't answer and they did not leave a voicemail. I'm assuming it's a telemarketer.

    10/24/13 2:50 PM
  • Mike

    I just received a call as Monica I tried to call back and just get a busy signal. If it were legit business matters, they would have left a vm and cal back number.

    10/24/13 2:16 PM
  • Fred

    I spoke with the Corp Trust Co is located at 1209 Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Also known as CT Corp Systems

    10/24/13 12:45 PM
  • Monica

    I didnt answer when they called. I did call back 2x's and the number just kept giving a busy signal. Not sure who or what this number is to... but I doubt its for a legit business - as the majority of business has multiple lines or at least has some time of automated answering / message service or give the option to leave a voicemail.

    10/24/13 11:04 AM
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