(248) 228-3916

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Phone Number: (248) 228-3916
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Southfield, MI
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (248) 228-3916

  • Kat

    I live in PA and when I answer this call it's a long pause and then hangs up.

    12/27/14 9:11 AM
  • di

    I answered the 3rd call for this. The woman said she wanted to speak to wrong number--seriously what she said. Stupid. I called it back and it said it is not in violation of the DNC List and it is for charity but did not specify.

    05/15/14 2:28 PM
  • Illinois

    They call and get our answering machine and then hang up! We are on the DO NOT CALL list!
    Caller ID: Michigan Call

    01/30/14 4:32 PM

    calling for leukemia victims

    12/10/13 3:22 PM
  • Bill

    This woman said she was calling for a donation for Disabled American Veterans. She got extremely belligerent when we declined and started saying shut up and she was rude and used bad language.

    11/09/13 1:49 PM
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