(239) 300-6975

Phone Number: (239) 300-6975
Search Date: 2015-11-26
Area: Naples, FL
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (239) 300-6975

  • Terry

    Called three times yesterday, the first two leaving no message. I answered the third call and was first asked why I had not answered the first nine? I told him this was only the third. He then said he was calling because their company was moving to Australia and would no longer be able to offer the computer service I had purchased a few months ago so he was calling to refund my money. (I did purchase said service in March.) He told me I had to be at the computer to fill out the proper form. As I was not home, he said he would call back tomorrow. Why would I need to be at my computer to receive a refund?

    11/04/15 5:29 AM
  • m

    He told me I won 1 million from publishers clearing house. I laughed at him.

    09/28/15 10:20 AM
  • greg

    Called about a plan to clean the computer, hung up on him, he called back and said "he was going to kill our family, our lives are in danger".

    09/09/15 1:19 PM
  • Sunny

    This man has a Nigerian accent and friended me on Facebook. Over the period of one month he told me he needed $400 and would get it back to me in a week.. Needless to say I was scammed. This number 239-300-6975 is a scammer and he also has a text number he uses. Beware... this man is the devils spawn.

    08/21/15 2:07 PM
  • Survivor

    Yhis doofus listed a pistol on armslist and I inquired. He told me he was Mexican and when I told him I've heard LOTS of Mexican accents and his is not Mexican he couldn't respond. He was VERY eager to get me to send him a money order right away and showed all the usual signs of being a scammer. Let's see, he told me the gun was shipping from Oklahoma but sent me an address in WA to send the money order, and his phone number is FL. I quizzed him on this and he became agitated and finally hung up. Complete scammer but not a very good one.

    04/01/15 10:20 AM
  • Tina

    And I forgot to add, the name this person is using is Chris. Same as the person who says this is not a scam! odd!

    08/07/14 10:07 AM
  • Tina

    This guy is a con artist. Took my mother in law for a sucker and cleared out her bank account. They call claiming to be a different company than what they are. Offering a refund for something she bought way back. Sad the trust old people still have in people.

    08/07/14 10:06 AM
  • jul

    This number keeps calling me and calling me and is man who is speak Spanish and when I asked who was he just keep saying my name over and over again!!! Its been 3 days it just keeps calling me

    06/07/13 12:48 PM
  • cathy

    i too recieved a call last night from this same number..he was a forien speaking dude CLAIMING to be from the FACEBOOK ON GOING LOTTERY and how i was one of 20winners to win 1.000.000 USA DOLLARS for being an ON GOING FACEBOOK .. first a woman named lisa morris added me as a friend on facebook.. said she was one of faceboooks lottery agent from cail...i was very skeptiable ...so i only gave her my number and email.. the email looks legit..but im not that LUCKY..especially from FAC,EBOOK....it too was a landline or office from magic jack number.....but all my ID on my phone showed a florida number...no busn name at all...and to top it off he was from india desent

    06/06/13 10:14 AM
  • Chris

    To add. I have been with her for quite a while so I know for a fact it is no scam in my case. Some VoIP companies allow you to choose your number and then you can input ANY phone number in as your return number

    05/07/13 12:40 AM
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