(239) 234-4377

Phone Number: (239) 234-4377
Search Date: 2015-11-27
Area: Naples, FL
Provider Type: Wireless
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (239) 234-4377

  • Chris

    Just got a call from this number. Asking about payment on s shipment I was expecting. He was mumbling words and dancing around questions I asked. It is 100% a scam trying to gather credit card information. Dont fall for it.

    10/23/15 6:41 AM
  • brian

    Wanted me to ship 10 expensive tires to him and pay with a credit card over the phone. When I said we need to have him pay in person because of scammers who use fake credit cards and then he abruptly hung up.

    11/11/14 11:32 AM
  • joe

    > Hello Owner,
    > My name is David Brooke am inquiring about granite counter tops. I will
    > like to know if you can special order granite counter top for me?Please if
    > you can, Below is the type of counter top i will like you to get back to
    > me with the quote on.
    > Finish: polished
    > Thickness :3cm
    > Absolute Black Island 34 X 74 with 3/4" Half Bullnose.................Qty
    > :2
    > Absolute Black Island 40 X 80 with 3/4" Half Bullnose................Qty :
    > 2
    > If you do not have the exact type of counter top listed above, kindly get
    > back to me with the price on the closest type you can order for me.Please
    > email me back the cost excluding freight, because it will be pick up from
    > your shop. And if i may also ask what types of credit card do you accept
    > as
    > payment? Please email me back the cost and include your contact
    > details,Please forward the quote to my personal email
    > dvidbrooke@gmail.com
    > I will look forward to your quick reply so i can call you to discus more
    > about this purchase. Thank you and i look forward to your reply shortly.
    > Kind regards,
    > David Brooke

    09/17/14 6:36 AM
  • DM

    Truck drivers beware! My husband was looking for a job. He received a call from this number. She said they give $1,000 sign-up bonus, $22.50 per hour, full health benefits from day one, medical, dental, and vision, and they pay for it. They said it was a 24-ft box truck, no-touch freight, and they only had one spot open, if he wanted the job, he need to move quickly. They said they were going to do a $300+ background check, but required him to pay $168 up front and they would cover the rest. They asked what companies he had previously worked for. She wouldn't give the name of the company she was calling from. He didn't have a good feeling about it and told them he wasn't interested. After looking the number up on-line and seeing all the complaints, it is clear that these people are simply trying to get money from people with promises of making more money. Don't fall for it!!

    11/29/13 12:21 AM
  • Steve

    Turned them into FTC. Big Brother is on these punks for illegal and fraudulent fund raising across state lines. :)

    07/23/13 3:55 AM
  • robb

    i got called in canada 1 a.m got my number from kijiji

    07/04/13 2:42 AM
  • Max

    What an idiot. I think it is a couple of grade three kids with a magic jack phone who think we cant find them.

    02/06/13 12:15 PM
  • Savannah

    This muther***er called me at 5am. I called back but no one pick up.

    01/29/13 9:57 AM
  • Nevaeh

    Number comes from an Internet phone app called textplus.

    01/28/13 9:34 PM
  • Eleanor

    i got a call just now 12:40 , but i didn't answer it

    01/05/13 1:57 PM
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