(216) 278-0069

Phone Number: (216) 278-0069
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: Cleveland, OH
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (216) 278-0069

  • tj Francisco

    Ameritech, why don't you help stop these scam calls. Lord knows you charge us enough for phone service. Please stop this type of harassment.

    02/01/14 8:32 AM
  • abearwhocares

    Hey Mr. OBAMA-- PLEASE get some jobs for OHIO! Most of the scammer calls I get on my cell phones have OHIO area codes so that must be the ONLY work in that state! Heavens knows the shale oil companies didn't hire any of them- they brought staff with them after they got all the tax breaks from the state!! So in conclusion --- 216-278-0069--- was a scammer call from one of those scammer companies who hire the unemployed in OHIO for nothing [well after Walmart grabs up the really desperate ones for a pittance!]

    01/18/14 3:16 PM
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