(214) 272-0536

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Phone Number: (214) 272-0536
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Dallas, TX
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (214) 272-0536

  • ICC

    Received a call today.
    Because of the delay in picking up the phone and someone speaking I knew it was a robocall.

    When they finally came online and said "hello"
    I responded with "yes robocall, how can I help you"
    They responded "I must have dialed the wrong number" and hung up.

    It appears that they simply don't want to talk to anyone that knows what they are up to :)

    03/08/14 3:20 PM
  • The Curmudgeon

    Cocksuckers called my cell phone, using a local Dallas number, saying they were in Woodbridge, Virginia. I use my cell phone for business, so had to answer this one. Indian accents, very hard to understand. This is a phone bank of scammers; do not give them any info and block them if you can. Assholes are calling in violation of the Texas AND Federal DO NOT CALL LISTS.

    02/28/14 3:36 PM
  • Alexandria

    I have received two calls from this number. I did not answer either call. Per the previous entries, l will not answer calls from this number. I do have an acquaintance in Dallas, but not the same number.

    02/22/14 1:18 PM
  • Dallas MD

    Got a call- and made the mistake of answering bcs I WAS on call- this is a call room from India w/"you have won......"- I hung up and they called again today- I will block this number

    02/14/14 7:26 PM
  • ChaChaCha

    Got a call from this number but didn't answer because I am not living in Texas; besides, I do not have any friends who are close enough to all of the sudden call me!

    02/14/14 9:54 AM
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