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Phone Number: (214) 161-8166
Search Date: 2018-06-24
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Comments (214) 161-8166

  • Juli

    I work from home and frequently get calls from numbers I don't recognize. I saw this # on the caller ID and there was only dead air space. Later that day I answered the phone and there was a man with a strong East Indian accent telling me he was from Microsoft's Windows Security Center and that I had many errors and viruses on my computer. I asked how he knew that and he said they were the company for Windows Server. I asked what viruses and errors and he said all of the yellow and red ones. (Seriously, he said that.) He kept saying over and over that it was very important that I sit in front of my computer and he would show me. Once I saw them he would fix them for me. I asked how he was going to fix them and he said from the Global Server. My files were on the Global Server. I asked him his phone number and he gave me 888-415-4436. I am registered on the Do Not Call Registry so I filed a complaint. I hope no one does what he says!

    02/08/14 6:12 PM
  • pierre

    je reçus un appel cette avant midi de ce numéro je n ai pas répondu , mais méfiez vous c est une attrape

    01/02/14 11:41 AM
  • William

    Answer phone, then hear another phone ringing, person picks up, says hello, but apparently can't hear me. This is the 3rd time in 3 days, voice at other end always different.

    12/21/13 2:28 PM
  • Paul

    Heavily Indian accented male called and left a message, stated he was with Apple tech support and needed me to call him back, then the line 'disconnected.' A few days later he called and the caller ID stated 'Texas' and I didn't answer, I researched the number on similar sites, and called it back but too bad... 'Number not in service...' Uh huh. Right.

    11/08/13 1:39 PM
  • Sandy

    Same as above with the call being with someone with an Indian accent this morning but from a tech service company. I asked him if he thought I fell off the turnip truck yesterday when it when by my house and amazingly he hung up on me! Usually I get to hang up on them.

    10/16/13 11:56 AM
  • Juan

    I got a call from someone with a heavy Indian accent, claiming to work for "Windows" (not Microsoft, mind you, but working for "Windows"). The caller ID showed (214) 161-8166. He claimed that my computer was compromised and was affecting other computers and they were calling me to help me fix it. I knew it was a scam, but I played along. There's no way for them to correlate a computer with a home phone number. In addition, I have 3 computers at home, so how could he know which one was the problem? Duh. Anyway, I played along. He had me check the System Event Viewer for Application events (this is a list of internal events, which normally shows an occasional Error from various Applications). He claimed that those errors listed confirmed that my computer has a serious problem.

    To fix it I needed to go to the web site: www. teamviewer.com and download the Teamviewer application. This may be a legitimate software, but beware that it's purpose is to allow someone else to remotely access your computer. I told him I didn't want to do that, but he insisted. I then told him I would call him back later, and I wanted his information. He offered to call me back at a better time. I insisted on getting his information, so he told me his "first name is Davis" and his "last name is Charles" (Backwards?!) and told me to call him at 888-415-4436 . We then ended the call.

    If you get a call like this, it's a scam. Don't give them any personal information and definitely do not download any software for remote access.

    10/03/13 1:20 PM
  • RitchyX

    Got this call today and since the guy had a hard time in french, and I wanted to have him lose some of his time, I offered to speak with him in english. Same infected computer problem and offer to repair it for me from the distance. I played with him telling my computer was off and couldn't send him notices, offered to call the police, answered he worked with them. I was telling him he was hot to catch my phone number after receiving a virus advice from my computer? Then I asked if he could do something for my Android tablet as well, but couldn't, this is where I told him I only had a tablet, no computer and this is where he hang up on me, no sound anymore. Guess he couldn't really help me. :-( A***ole really thought I would let him hack my computer. F*** ya! Said he was in North Carolina. Pffff

    05/31/13 10:51 PM
  • Not playing games

    100% attempt to scam. Give NO information whatsoever to these people. They are trying to gain remote access to your computer.

    05/22/13 2:47 PM
  • Scammer

    When I call, I ask your user and Password for all Internet Profile. So I can fraud you. Watch out if I call you, never give me that info.

    05/15/13 7:07 PM
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