(213) 785-3995

Phone Number: (213) 785-3995
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Los Angeles: DA 01, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (213) 785-3995

  • Nick

    Got a call at 12:51 eastern time. I was eating lunch, must not have noticed the call. Now I just tried to call them at 8:30pm, got some kind of automated answering that seemed like it was going to prompt me with commands after it introduced itself... "this is Bosley". I hung up.
    I did go to a Bosley hair surgeon here in DC area & I believe I have gotten calls from the Los Angeles office a couple years ago after I had the procedure.

    07/25/13 9:15 PM
  • ab

    I received so many times and when i answer the call, they will just hang up after 10 sec or so. i put them on reject list now so we will see if they come up with another number. crazy!!!

    07/25/13 7:18 PM
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