(209) 858-3919

Phone Number: (209) 858-3919
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Manteca, CA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (209) 858-3919

  • Debra

    I have already paid my student loans in full! I don't know why they are calling me - I have NO past due debt and no reason why they should call me! I think they may be a scammer where I don't owe any college loans!

    05/05/14 2:14 PM
  • David

    This is great lakes educational loan services. Not a scam, they just want you to pay your loan. Student loans are the only loans you can't successfully default on, because if you don't make efforts to pay them back, the dept. of education will indeed garnish up to 100% of your tax return. So, either way, they are going to get their money from you. You may as well get in contact with them and make your best effort to pay them back. Also, student loans aren't looked at when calculating total debt for, say, a bankruptcy case.

    04/03/14 12:52 AM
  • Colorado Hockey Mom

    They call me every work day too! So sick of this # and this company. Why won't they take a hint?!?

    07/26/13 8:14 PM
  • Anonymous

    2098583919 keeps calling both my phone and fammilies phone with pre recorded robo messages. If I don't answer it leaves a Voicemail. The line goes "Hello, this message is for "This person" if not "This person" please disconnect. I answered a few times to find out what it is about "hello this is an urgent call for "person" not a sales or marketing call, our records say this is household of "person" if not press 2, then asks for personal info before I even know what its for with no option so I end call. If this is about debt they could tell me and never recieced anything in the mail relating to a debt or this caller so im ignoring it. Getting very sick of this number 2098583919 harassing me, leaving uneccesary Voicemail and constant calls per day. If about a debt should mail me, don't trust harassing robo autodial calls

    04/20/13 2:12 PM
  • Molly

    I called and asked if it was for my student loan, I was going to talk to them, but the lady wouldn't tell me, she kept asking me for my name. If its about that.. then why not just say it, I have a question lady!! What a scam...

    03/15/13 5:26 PM
  • Ian

    Thanks everyone for the info. I never pick up numbers I dont know. I didnt know if it was a bill collector or telemarketing

    01/29/13 3:05 PM
  • Eleanor

    some shady collection agency

    01/02/13 1:27 PM
  • Leah

    I receve a phone call from them almost every workday. How can I stop it?

    12/31/12 1:57 PM
  • Carson

    It's the student loan folks!! The are the debt counselors. It's weird I wish they would tell you who they are from the start.

    12/12/12 6:16 PM
  • Allison

    GREAT LAKES loans! Bingo! Their calling about my student loans.

    12/12/12 1:57 PM
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