(209) 248-0016

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Phone Number: (209) 248-0016
Search Date: 2015-11-26
Area: Modesto, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL
Timezone: Pacific

Comments (209) 248-0016

  • edwards

    They keep calling me they call me 4+ times a day and its very annoying . I told you guys to take me off the list and you still calling for the past two weeks. So annoying!

    04/24/15 7:17 PM
  • Irving

    I answered this morning to tell them to stop but there was no one on the line. Time to report them!

    04/17/15 9:07 AM
  • Aleta

    These people whoever they are keep calling my cell phone all day long. They run my battery down. They leave no message. It's very annoying and I want it to stop. I'm old and retired, I use my cell phone to call my kids and in an emergency. I don't need to be annoyed like this.

    03/21/15 9:25 AM
  • ken

    calling 3x day want it to stop!

    12/16/13 6:17 PM
  • george

    just got a call from the same number and no message , i think they got it off craigs list cause it started to happen a day after i posted a add

    12/15/13 12:34 PM
  • Josiah

    Been calling 3x a day on average for the last week and never leave a message. Time to add to the block list.

    12/12/13 3:17 PM
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