(206) 555-0114

Phone Number: (206) 555-0114
Search Date: 2018-05-23
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Comments (206) 555-0114

  • K

    Just answered a call from this number not longer than a few minutes ago. When I answered the person on the other end said, "Goodbye" shortly after, which was strange. So, I Googled the number to find out what was up, and this is what I came up with. Several sites have listed this number as something to be wary of. I say to ignore these people, or report them. Doesn't sound legitimate.

    12/05/13 1:00 PM
  • Ashley

    We also got a call from this number claiming the caller was from a technical department in Windows, and that we needed to turn on our computer because we were being hacked. When I informed him we had many computers in our house, and he needed to be more specific of which one was being hacked, he said, "It doesn't matter, all the Windows computers in your house are being hacked since they are on the same wifi network."

    I said, "That's peculiar, because we only have Apple products. Goodbye."

    11/30/13 8:49 PM
  • doc

    claiming they were from a law office, sounded more like india, told me I was a suspect in a crime and need to send him money. I told him to come get his camel and blow me.

    11/15/13 7:28 PM
  • C

    Received two calls, first was from 971-555-0129. Said he was from the technical department of Windows, and my computer had been registering unauthorized numbers. He asked me to turn my computer on. I told him he was lying and hung up. Creep called right back from a different number 206-555-0114. Apologized for losing the connection, when I told him I hung up on him he asked why. Because there is no such company and if you call me back I'll call the police. Thus far no return calls.

    11/07/13 2:24 PM
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