(206) 397-1975

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Phone Number: (206) 397-1975
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Seattle, WA
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (206) 397-1975

  • DALA/Sussex

    Calls themself "Card Member Services". Fake company, spoofed caller ID. Blocked.

    11/14/13 3:04 PM
  • bb

    They call us twice a week - we're on the do not call list...is there anything we can do to make them stop. I've waited for a live person with the same results...they hang up or tell me NO when I say I want to be removed from the list...

    11/08/13 3:44 PM
  • bren

    Always says last chance to lower my cc rate. When I have asked them to take me off list, they either say they cannot, laugh, or hang up immediately. They are very rude about it, and continue to call. I get a call from this line at least every other day even though I am on do not call registry. What can we do???

    11/07/13 5:13 PM
  • Daniel

    Waited on hold for a live person. When asked to be removed from their list, they hung up.

    11/06/13 5:06 PM
  • RLM

    Call received at 4:01 on 11/01/13, Caller ID of BANKCARD SVCS gave the source
    away. Well-known phishing scam. The call was not answered, and will be blocked
    on my phone

    11/01/13 11:34 PM
  • Sparky

    Delightful people...had a few minutes to waste and thought I would play with them - absolutely no sense of humor when I asked them if they knew the fine for calling people on the do not call list. Geez....

    10/29/13 4:42 PM
  • Detroit Area

    Bank Card Svcs, Identity theft attempt

    10/17/13 5:20 PM
  • mank

    this is a credit card phishing scam run out of Seattle by QWest

    10/17/13 1:08 PM
  • jooly

    Phishing credit card scam

    10/16/13 5:49 PM
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