(206) 397-1094

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Phone Number: (206) 397-1094
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Seattle, WA
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (206) 397-1094

  • HadIt

    I also get calls from this # & I never answer. The name Michael shows up on Caller ID for this number & when I search it, I see several comments referring to Michael showing on their Caller ID as well. Seems SPAMMERS have set the name Michael to pop up. Trying to mimic the way it would appear if someone you'd saved to your personal contact list was calling for you.

    09/03/14 11:12 PM
  • duh

    RELAX AMERICA! It was the coalition of bankers admitting to Fraud against homeowners over the past 50 years. We had an at length discussion and they are remorseful. They have agreed to return all monies with interest. They will accept claims starting today!

    03/12/14 6:53 PM
  • NoĆ«lla

    Hello! I'm leaving in Quebec City (Canada) and I received too a call from this number. Do you think that was the President who wanted to discuss with me?
    I'm kidding...you know....
    I know that is surely a marketing number and never I respond them above all when I don't know the number phone...So...do it the same.

    03/06/14 2:22 PM
  • Last Call

    My phone was stolen from our church and this is the last phone number which was on my cell. Not sure who was calling? I had tagged it as a number to block prior to this last call.

    12/10/13 6:02 PM
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