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Phone Number: (205) 396-3619
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Birmingham, AL
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (205) 396-3619

  • Leroy

    Called claimimg our son needed to call them before 6 p.m. today concerning a civil suit in Alameda County Court about a garnishment of wages. Didn't claim to be a debt collector. All they asked us to do was contact him and tell him to contact them. Although the caller was polite, she was also somewhat threatening in tone, as if she represented great authority. After discussion with our son, we concluded that they were shysters.

    11/16/15 4:05 PM
  • K davis

    Debt collector looking for same name, different person. Nicely took my name off even though I made it difficult for her to get any info.

    07/29/15 6:22 PM
  • jean

    Received a call in the past two days, they are a legitimate agency and when I called back and explained they were looking for my husband's son they were very gracious and deleted my name from the contact list. His father is deceased but has the same name so that is why I get the calls.
    Very pleasant to deal with.

    04/20/15 11:32 AM
  • Jennine Leighton

    Portfolio Recovery and Associates. They have multitudes of numbers. Supposedly a Debt Collector who harasses people on debts from long ago. Beware!!

    05/04/14 2:41 PM
  • kevin

    calls once a week or so,always leaves a message saying this is "encore",we need to speak to you about a business proposition...its bill collectors,dont answer it

    04/27/14 2:08 PM
  • Scott

    Portfolio Associates...a debt collector...spamming numbers.

    12/16/13 11:38 AM
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