(205) 352-4135

Phone Number: (205) 352-4135
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Leeds, AL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (205) 352-4135

  • anonymous

    They called my mothers home phone number today and asked for me. She said I did not live there. She would not give my info but took name and number. Said his name was John Bishop.

    I did not call back, just googled the number.

    10/30/14 3:29 PM
  • Kayzee

    I got the same call today. I asked for a call back number and then looked it up online to see that it IS A SCAM!! Funny, but he sounded alot like the guys that called me from the "IRS" a couple of months ago and said that I was going to jail the next day if I didn't pay $500 asap!!

    08/15/14 10:41 PM
  • Allen Jackson

    They called me in this afternoon and gave me call back number, first i thought its a scam but later i found they are genuine and want to help
    belive me they actually helped me a lot and saved personal data in minimum cost
    i cross verified with my tec guy and he is unable to help me but they did
    special thanks to
    Windows Technical Support Team

    09/04/13 7:59 PM
  • Matt

    Well I dont think they are a scam as helped me revive the PC as it was in a critical state They fixed all my errors as and my PC has been working like a super computer now
    Thanks Guys

    09/04/13 7:52 PM
  • Karen R

    Said he was Window Tech Support and the my computer was going to crash and it had been removed from their server and he was going to help me fix it. Told me I needed to pay a re-registration fee of $387.00 dollars and then he would fix my computer. I asked for his phone number so I could call back and confirm his identity and where he worked. Called him back on 205-352-4135 and got an Indian woman with a thick accent. Said she would call me back. About 15 minutes later the same Indian man called me back. I told him I realized this was a scam and to never call back. He said how do I know and I told him I looked his number up, he wanted to continue to argue with me. Then I told him to never call back and hung up the phone.

    08/30/13 3:33 PM
  • Sis

    Knew it was a scammer when I ask for his name for identification, now get this his Indian accent was so bad I could barley understand him and he said his name was JACK THOMAS!!!!

    04/02/13 12:07 PM
  • AW

    Called this morning claiming to be from Windows and that my computer was going to crash if I did not put info in my RUB program.

    04/02/13 12:06 PM
  • cliff

    205-352-4135 = SCAMMERS!

    03/31/13 7:32 PM
  • Liz

    They called me in the afternoon and when I denied their help the man started yelling telling me he would crash my computer.

    03/25/13 6:19 PM
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