(203) 242-7885

Phone Number: (203) 242-7885
Search Date: 2017-07-23
Area: Huntington, CT
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (203) 242-7885

  • Courtney

    Phone rang once, I didn't answer it and they hung up. I never called back.

    04/16/14 10:41 PM
  • Bryan S

    Rang my cell once and hung up before i could answer. googled it to see who it was. losers

    04/16/14 2:03 PM
  • Brandon

    Rang Once, I Answered An The Caller Disconnected!

    04/16/14 1:34 PM
  • Annie

    Rang twice and hung up for me as well.

    04/16/14 1:04 PM
  • Dave

    Rang twice, hung up. Not calling back.

    03/26/14 3:09 PM
  • Sandy

    Missed call, called back. Recording, believe she said Sherry. She mentioned I was on web site and could get rebate card or be put on do not call list. I was in a website first time using Amazon and Gmail. Reported to Amazon; next complaint Gmail.

    03/25/14 8:31 PM
  • Stop RoboCalling

    Rang once; they want you to call back to snag your info. Keep your phone on ID Block r better yet, don't call back!

    03/25/14 7:24 PM
  • stacey

    They called my cell phone, rang twice and hung up.

    03/25/14 7:00 PM
  • Ed

    Rang twice and stopped

    03/25/14 4:55 PM
  • nick

    same here...rang once then disconnected

    03/22/14 4:28 PM
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