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Phone Number: (202) 888-1301
Search Date: 2018-10-22
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (202) 888-1301

  • Laura

    They called me back today biut not from the 202# this time from a 5034571197 number. I told them where to go and I wasn't falling for their scam and was hung up on. Who do u contact about this harassment??????

    03/13/14 9:38 PM
  • Cate

    Had 7 missed calls from this number. Thinking it was a job I recently applied for I called back. The man mentioned the same story as the previous comments, so I said I wasn't interested and hung up. They have tried to call me 4 more times since then.

    03/13/14 5:51 PM
  • N

    15 calls in the last 20 minutes alone. The 'gentleman' on the other end tried to sell me the same program, and hung up on me when I told him i was still in school and wasn't paying back yet. Did research and found other fishy stories like this. Have reported the number, website, and taped conversation to the FBI.

    03/13/14 3:10 PM
  • Laura

    I received 4 calls in fifteen minutes from this (202)888-1301 number then an hour later 3 calls in ten. Asked for me by name and also mentioned garnishing my wages and about a past student loan that I was under the impression was paid off. Calling themselves the Obama student loan forgiveness agency. If I signed up with them I'd have to only make 104 payments at $170 but I'd have to pay 336$ for my first two. Told them I had to get ready for work so call me back tomorrow. They mentioned to me not to tell anyone about them contacting me????? After that shady remark and now reading all the comments I'd say its a scam and am going to tell them to go f*** themselves when they call tomorrow.

    03/13/14 2:45 AM
  • Meredith

    15 calls in less than 30 mins never answered them always while I was working now that I know who it is will block them.

    03/01/14 10:01 AM
  • Mike

    They called twice in 10 minutes. The guy I spoke to was very polite. He asked if I was interested in the "Obama Loan Forgiveness Program." I just told him that I am caught up on my loans and not interested. He then told me to have a nice day.

    02/26/14 7:43 PM

    This number called me 43 times from Friday night to Saturday morning but would never leave a message.

    Finally I answered and talked to a lady with a really heavy Russian accent who I had to ask over and over to repeat what she said because I just could not understand her. It was the same as what everyone else is saying. That this was not a collections call, they just wanted to make sure I new that the government was going to start garnishing my wages because of my student loans. I told them that my student loans are current and that I was fine.

    They went on to tell me about a program that would reduce my student loans from $300 to $170. All I had to do was pay $700 now and $170 a month for the next 24 years then after that all the rest of my loans would be "forgiven". 24 YEARS!!! Then asked me for my credit card number. I told them that I was not payring anything until I saw something in writing. They emailed me two documents and both were shady looking like my high schooler went on Word and made up two forms and slapped a logo on it. I also quickly did the math on the "deal" they were giving me and it equaled the exact amount I owe.

    I want to know how in the world they got my number!!

    02/19/14 5:14 PM
  • Margaret

    They have been calling almost non-stop since last night. I turned my phones ringer off because it was one call right after another. It is ridiculous. After hearing what the others said, I am glad I have no given into my curiosity to see who it is. Has any one contacted the consumer protection agency? I am going to right now.

    02/19/14 2:34 PM
  • Holly

    Just got a call from th this number. I keep hitting ignore button and they keep calling back. In th he last 30 minutes they have we called me 9 times.

    02/18/14 9:07 PM
  • Lisa

    I have received 8 calls in the last 3 days from (202) 888-1301 screaming at me saying they are going to take money directly out of my bank account. They would not give me a name of who was calling or the companies name. Major harrassment since I work for the Federal Government and can't receive calls at work. Someone needs to stop these scammers!!!!

    02/18/14 3:19 PM
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