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Phone Number: (202) 803-5785
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 803-5785

  • ddc

    Got a call from this number today claiming we were being investigated for check fraud. Called the number back, it just rang. After searing online it appears many many people have been contacted. They won't be scamming me.... Fbi, here I come!!!

    04/04/14 8:04 PM
  • Kimberly

    They called stated I committed bank fraud for a jcpenny bill I didn't pay. The said that criminal charges will be filed.

    03/28/14 8:18 PM
  • JK

    I have been receiving computer generated calls at both my place of employment and to my cell phone from a PRIVATE number on a near daily basis since December 2013. The message says that they are trying to reach me, JK, because I have been accused of check and/or bank fraud and that they need to speak with me by the end of the business day or else they will contact my employer to proceed with paperwork for me to appear in court. During the message, it says to press the number 9 or to call 202-803-5785 by the end of the day. I have ignored calls until one day last week when I pressed the number 9 during the live call. I was then transferred to a male voice who asked for my location. I then asked for his location as he was the one who contacted me. At this time I was transferred to a loud and rude female voice who asked for my full name and location. I refused to give any information without knowing who was asking for it and she proceeded to threaten me with further daily harassment for being difficult. I told them to remove my name and number from their list and I was told that they will call me all day every day. I do not know who these people are, but I am quite confident that this is harassment in an attempt to commit fraud. An Internet search of the phone number reveals that it is supposedly a landline line in Washington D.C. and that I am only one of many more people being harassed. Some people have reported that while making contact with these people they have tried to collect non-existent debts through threats and harassment. I want the calls to stop.

    03/26/14 5:17 PM
  • CJ

    SaysI have bank fraud.Nothing but a scammer...Crazy foreigners!!!!!!!!!!

    02/23/14 11:04 AM
  • karie

    Another call from this number..made two today. Said I have bank fraud and they need my address and social security number or will call my boss. Ha Ha...I am retired. These calls are annoying and how do we stop them. Scammer for sure.
    AND, I do not write checks.

    01/28/14 6:18 PM
  • S

    Recieved an automatic message stating I need to contact this number and I have 24 hours. I called the number the lady stated they were a world wide company. She said the company is Requisition Law firm, in Washington DC, she stated they talk to the party prior to sending it to litigation and having to go to court and having my wages garnished. She then went into their fee is $2500 and I could settle everything for $510.00. Once I informed the lady that I have reseach everything that she is telling me then she started telling me that i know I took out the loan and I'm refusing to pay. When I told her that I was not refusing anything and she couldn't put those words in my mouth. She was ready to get off the phone and my time went from the end of the day to settle to 30 minutes.

    12/27/13 3:26 PM
  • unknown

    Says I have bank fraud but they didn't even call my number they called another number asking for me

    12/16/13 9:48 PM
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