(202) 697-9205

Phone Number: (202) 697-9205
Search Date: 2019-05-26
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 697-9205

  • Pete

    I got a call from this number telling me that they were a government agency and they have issued an arrest warrant because of Social Security fraud and that I needed to talk to their officer immediately. Needless to say, SS Administration knows where I live and they haven't come here and arrested me yet.

    03/14/19 1:34 PM
  • steven

    i canceled my card and got a new one I was looking for way out but please watch out DO NOT GIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY INFO BEWARE

    06/25/13 9:43 PM
  • Joey

    At least 6 times a day , when I did answer some dumb bitch who could not even speak english said she was working for the US Gov. & that I was selected for a free $10 K grant......Kiss my big fat Italian ass you nigerian scammers

    06/03/13 5:28 PM
  • Nicole

    I have gotten about 20 calls and have talked to them 3 times. They claim that I have been picked for a US grant witch I do not have to pay back. I asked them alot of questions on how it works and how I got picked and I got transfuured and talked to someone else. I kept giveing them the run around untill they hung up on me. The next time they called and I picked up they hung up right away. It is really pissing me off. they call at all times.

    05/13/13 12:19 PM
  • Harry

    Scammers. Use Voice IP to spoof the phone number. Others have used this number for other purposes in the past.

    They will try to get your credit card or banking information. Never give banking information over the phone unless you initiated the call to your bank.

    Users with prepay credit cards gave them prepay card numbers with zero balances on them. If the scammer tries them it leaves a log of who tried and could be traced to the source.

    Callers are very heavy accented. Not India Indian but perhaps middle eastern, Caribbean, or possible African source. All calls via Voice-IP. You can tell this by the muted/muffled sound of the call.

    05/06/13 8:20 PM
  • Anonymous

    They keep calling and dnt answer they make weird noises these idiots need to stop I called BA k and it hangs I wish there would be a way to throw them in jail

    04/16/13 2:35 PM
  • anne b

    Called 4 times in one day, been getting a lot of these spam calls in last week from FL, this one from DC. Always a sign of a "robo call" when 2 calls incoming in my call log from same number within the same minute. Dial back rings once and silence, so probably a "masked" number coming from a call center

    04/01/13 11:49 PM
  • Kimberly

    BEWARE!! CON-MEN at Work... they say that you qualify for a grant, & need bank info for direct deposit. NEVER GIVE THAT TYPE OF INFO OVER THE PHONE TO ANYONE.

    03/21/13 8:59 PM
  • James

    There a team of scammers *** em all ***

    03/19/13 12:14 PM
  • Anonymous

    They told me i got a 12000 grant and asked for bank info

    03/18/13 11:17 PM
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