(202) 697-7222

Phone Number: (202) 697-7222
Search Date: 2019-05-26
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 697-7222

  • Lee

    I received a similar call as well. The person never got to her pitch as I asked her to take my number off of her list. She said she couldn't do that and hung up.

    08/09/13 5:58 PM
  • Karen

    just received a call from this number. "Jason" said I was selected because of low income, paid my bills on time, and no bankruptsy in the last 12 months. OK? I was entitled to $10500 US government grant! OK? (He kept saying that) To receive this grant he was going to give me a claim number and a phone number to call back. OK? then supply some information at that time. I said 'it depends.' Jason asked excuse me? I said it depends on what information I am to give. Jason Hung Up on me. OK?

    07/24/13 2:33 PM
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