(202) 657-5500

Phone Number: (202) 657-5500
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 657-5500

  • Grace

    Hi, this is Grace again. I've neglected to share that I did not call the number 202-657-5500. Instead, I googled the phone number and I came across various complaints about it being a scam. I've heard about anonymous calls like this before. If one were to call the given number, they will be charged in excess for the call going out.

    02/25/14 5:43 PM
  • Grace

    Received a blocked call from a male who stated that the Gov't is giving away free money to help us. The only exception is that one can't use the money for drugs. He stated that to claim this money is to call the number 202-657-5500. They will walk me through with getting the funds to me today via Western Union or by my account. He then goes on to say that I need to call the above-mentioned number. If the numbers are busy, he stated keep calling bc there are 1500 people who are making the same call. He stated to keep making the phone call until someone answers.

    02/25/14 5:30 PM
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