(202) 506-1967

Phone Number: (202) 506-1967
Search Date: 2017-12-16
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 506-1967

  • Dale

    Got two calls this morning saying they were the US Government telling me I was getting a grant of $4000 for not being a criminal lately. I told them to just send it to me and hung up.

    04/16/14 2:41 PM
  • Peter

    Mulitple calls. When I said hello I never got an answer.

    04/16/14 10:44 AM
  • Anonymous

    Informed caller from the 202 506-1967 call that I was reporting them to the FBI.

    04/05/14 6:53 PM
  • shaun

    I received a call from this number everyday at least 3-4 times..soooo annnoying

    04/02/14 4:04 PM
  • fedupwith dumbapples

    I received few calls. The first one was a man as descrided above. He became very upset when I called out. Then I diverted the next three calls. I receive another call to night and answered very hateful and told him he needed to leave me alone, to take me off his calling list. He became iirrate at this and started cussing me. I hung up, I did not have the enery to act as stupid as him.

    03/24/14 8:07 PM
  • Lisa B

    I live in DC now, and keep getting this number calling me...I googled it immediately because the same thing happened to me in Boston. The man with a thick Jamaican accent asked me to get a "green dot" card from CVS and give them the serial number. He didn't know I had a Boston Police officer on 3-way and the cop chimed in and scared the guy...he hung up and never called the number again. I guarantee it's the same scam here in DC.

    03/20/14 2:13 PM
  • sick of it!!!!

    Same thing.....

    03/20/14 1:04 PM
  • I want my privacy back!!

    I received a call AGAIN from 202-506-1967 stating he was with the US government and I am entitled to $9k and I would not have to pay it back. I said great, give it to me now. He asked if there was a Western Union close by. I said I was standing in front of one. Shocked..he paused and then said he had to confirm my name and address. I said I was homeless and didn't he know that because he was the government that put me there. Again, another long silence. He finally gave me another number to call in 48-49 minutes. I'm waiting to see if I will turn into a pumpkin when I don't call. GEEZ!!!

    03/14/14 1:02 PM
  • Eleanor

    have gotten several calls both male and female voices, saying i won something, last one asked me to meet him tonight he would give me 100 dollars for sleeping with him.... Not cool!

    03/13/14 7:41 PM
  • rEMY

    Scam, Scam, Scam. DO NOT RESPOND.

    03/13/14 6:34 PM
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