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Phone Number: (202) 417-2021
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 417-2021

  • Attorney

    They called a Bankruptcy Law Office to verify employment of a Bankruptcy Debtor in violation of the Automatic Stay, and could care less if their information was accurate. Need to have wings clipped.

    04/03/14 9:21 AM
  • Anonymous Idaho

    Caller ID said Unknown, DC. They left a message that said it was a response to an allegation of check or bank fraud, it is imperative that they speak to me regarding this allegation, and their office has demanded they contact my employer to verify employment, to issue paperwork for me to appear in court! That I contact 202-417-2021 as of close of business today. I have NEVER committed such a thing!!!! And after seeing these posts here, and on other phone complaint sites, I can only assume its a scam, attempting to extract income and bank info from people. I called the number. No answer. No message.

    03/31/14 3:41 PM
  • Semper Fidelus

    They claim to be from international recovery services llc. They are not!! I spoke to the owner of the real company and he has had problems with these people for awhile now. I say we all call the phone number as often as possible and then hang up. If we keep them busy with prank calls, they won't be able to scam our loved ones anymore. Let's make them change their number and keep them on the run!! The actual owner of International Recovery Services LLC, Tom Cantley says as far as his investigation has taken him is that this 202-417-2021 call center is based out of China. They use all sorts of other numbers and are scammers to the max. Best to ignore their threats, but if you are like me, you are fighting mad and want to stick it to the frauds!! So I'm gonna keep calling them non stop until they change their number. Best case senario, they report me for making prank calls then I will know who to sue in court for violating credit collecting laws and identity theft as well as harassment.

    03/28/14 3:31 PM
  • Dawne

    Today I recieved a call, stating I had an allegation of Check book bank fraud and if I want it cleared up to call by the end of the business day. I too tried calling back, and no answered. Definitely a scam!

    03/25/14 5:52 PM
  • DJ

    Husband just took a call from them saying to call them as there was Bank Fraud Allegations against me, first thing I did was check the number (202)417-2021. Can you say SCAM

    03/21/14 7:23 PM
  • JJ

    Just got this call too. The call came up as 673 so I let it go to voice mail. Made the bank fraud threat and gave me til the end of the business day to stop it. I googled it and saw all the complaints, then I called my local police department and they advised this is a scam. I may be in small town Iowa but I'm not stupid enough to fall for this.

    03/19/14 3:35 PM
  • J Porta

    Just got a automate message and so did my sister with exact details mentioned above. INSANITY!!!! When will it stop??

    03/12/14 11:18 AM
  • Brittney

    I received a call from them today, it came up as unknown so I let it go to voicemail. Not 30 seconds after I listened to the voicemail, my fiance brought me HIS cell phone because they had called him (he and I were not together when I took out the payday loan and I have never used him as a reference for anything). I spoke with the man on the line who said his name was Michael Walker. He said that I had a case against me from a payday loan I took out in 2010. I explained to him that I paid that debt in April 2012. He gave me a fax number to fax my bank statement proving I had already paid a company name Hood and Thompson. When I tried to fax the paper to him, the fax number said that the voicemail system was not set up and it hung up. When I called back the phone just rang and rang and then told me that no one was available to take my call. I hung up and called back. The man that answered the phone said the name of the company so fast I couldnt understand it. I went ahead and asked to speak to Michael Walker. When he got on the phone I told him about what happened when I attempted to fax him the paper and asked him if he had an email I could send it to. He told me that he didnt need me to email it to him as long as I could give him the company name I already paid.

    03/05/14 6:11 PM
  • annoyed

    Received the same type of call stating they would contact employer to verify employment and that I had to the end of business day to contact them. I tried calling them and the phone just rang, rang and rang.

    03/05/14 5:42 PM
  • The Crimson Wolf

    Have received relentless series of calls leaving this number on our office voice mail stating exactly what everyone else has said here; that there is a lawsuit or legal charge against you for fraud pending, you will be served, must respond by end of business day. The only thing not noted here is that there are TWO callers and two sets of numbers, representing themselves as different entities, but supposedly calling about slightly different things. This number is "we have been asked to represent you in this matter" while the other is just telling you it's going to happen and to call them to protect your rights. It's an obvious scam, clearly phishing. I won't be calling them back.

    03/05/14 4:43 AM
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