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Phone Number: (202) 239-6259
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Washington Zone 1, DC
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (202) 239-6259

  • SW

    A guy named Jim Marshall, left a message on my answering machine, he claimed he is an IRS officer, saying that I own IRS money and IRS is handing over my case to Homeland security, who will issue a warrant to get me arrested. Then he instructed me to call IRS back at 202-239-6259. His English has heavy Indian accent.

    I called that number, this time a women answered the phone, she also had heavy indian accent. She basically repeated the same thing. She seemed to know my name, address and my spouse name and obviously my home phone number. She then gave me two choices, one is to let IRS investigate my case with the understanding I need to pay IRS some fee, which will be refunded back towards my 2013 tax return once my case is cleared; another is to ignore them and let them hand over the case to Homeland security, which means I will be arrested, need to pay $40,000 fine, need to hire a lawyer and go through the court to have myself cleared. I told her I chose IRS investigation. She then asked me to hold for two minutes so that she can fax my information over to IRS local office in my town. She said the IRS local officer will call my cell really soon, in the mean time, do not hang up on her. She need to be online witnessing this. Not even two minutes passed, my cell phone rang, a guy claimed to be the local IRS officer, asked me to pay him $789 to start the investigation. Surprisingly or not surprisingly he has indian accent too! By this time, my online search of the number 202-239-6259 returned scammer (Thanks to this website). Then I asked this man how can I verify his identity. All of a sudden, he grew angry and yelled at me. "OK, you don't want help from us, then wait for the police to come to your door today" and he hang up the phone. I immediately talked to this woman on the other phone, asking her to verify her identify. She immediately hang up the phone.
    I called back, no body answered this time. I checked my cell phone log, found the number of this so-called IRS local officer, it is 718-834-6559. I called this number, this time only answering machines, but sounded official. I then googled this number online, it seemed to be a real irs number. IRS need to be aware of this and increase their security.

    03/19/14 5:08 PM
  • CH

    got a voicemail today (3/15/14). Claimed to be from special investigation unit of IRS. Very heavy accent and difficult to understand, but still managed to sound intimidating and scary. Not sure what they are after, but very good and reassuring to read the other comments and to see it's just a scam and we can ignore and forget about it.

    03/15/14 10:21 PM
  • Nguyen

    I got call from this number today 3/15/2014 (Saturday). from answering machine: They said the are police officer for investigating some thing... ask to call back (202) 239-6259 with the case number .... Thanks for your post, it not i'm going to be one of victim

    03/15/14 8:12 PM
  • MB

    This is Magic Jack number. Scam. Just call them back and beat the hell out of them,. I have been call them back everyday, they just hang up when you try to ask them about how much money they are making on that day.....

    03/12/14 10:27 PM
  • csharp

    202 239 6259 Caller said he was from IRS, then from Homeland /Security, then fromNYC Police. It's a scam trying to scare older people out of money

    03/09/14 10:32 AM
  • Albert niƱo

    Got a call from 202-239-6259 claiming to be from the IRS. Its a scam.

    02/23/14 10:35 PM
  • Alex Alexander

    They call they said they from IRS it is a scam

    02/23/14 10:30 PM
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