Phone Number: 07781470659
Search Date: 2014-04-24
Area: Narainpur- Jagdalpur, India
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: Information Unavailable

Comments 07781470659

  • Mich

    Got couple of text messages from this number with 4 digit security codes. Now one saying someone else might have accessed my Microsoft account and to recover at . Will try to block this number and change password due to above comments

    03/25/14 6:29 AM
  • andy

    i got same today.. 'microsoft account security code' i replied and it cost me 15p . so this is not a 'normal' number as would of been in my pre pay plan.. itturnedoutweirdagain

    03/07/14 5:41 PM
  • oli

    Text me half hour ago with a message saying '94510 is your verification number" for my yahoo mail. Scammers I've not requested this

    03/01/14 12:02 PM
  • Laura

    Text me half hour ago with a message saying 'Microsoft account verification code' then 4 digit number. Scammers I've not requested this

    12/09/13 2:02 PM
  • Ruk

    Just received 2 text messages from that number with Mocrosoft account verification codes which I did not request. I've been asleep since 10.30pm so I most definitely did not request any codes at 3am. I assumed someone had text the wrong number, so i text back saying that. What a dodgy scam..

    10/04/13 11:16 PM
  • Anonymous

    Could someone please answer my question. I got a message from this number saying 'Microsoft account security code: xxxx (with the x being the numbers). I never asked for this request but even stranger, I don't even have a mobile number linked to my account, so it can't be someone trying to get into mine cant it? So is it just someone who accidentally typed their own phone number in wrong? Thanks.

    09/01/13 5:25 AM
  • marty

    Pre-recorded English female voice quoting number with 44 prefix giving 'Microsoft account security code

    08/18/13 5:21 PM
  • mike

    Its a scam dont reply, be aware!

    08/14/13 8:44 AM
  • Jack

    Also received the "Microsoft account" text message from this number.

    08/08/13 7:54 AM
  • Amy

    I got 2 texts one containing my old mobile number and one containing my new.
    Both of then the content was the same.
    My details will be removed from SCHbabe@hotmail and to click on the link to verify removal with a code.

    07/29/13 3:03 AM
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