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Phone Number: 03562780913
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Mal Bazar- Jalpaiguri, India
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: Information Unavailable

Comments 03562780913

  • Nick

    Got a blank call. Tried ringing back but got "number not recognised" message.

    10/12/13 7:32 AM
  • spike

    Report to Ofcom 02079813040

    10/11/13 9:33 AM
  • Anonymous S-o-T

    How is it you always get calls like this when you have phoned BT. You make a call to BT and you get put through to an Asian call centre, a day or two later you get calls from 03562780913 Don't give any details, better still don't answer it. BT get your call center activities sorted!

    09/19/13 6:44 AM
  • mike s

    I got a call from this number at 0915 this morning a freind phoned me and couldnt get through because the line was busy . so I phoned BT and told them my phone line is showing busy , they told me we will check your line , but if you are using it this cannot be done. I phoned from my mobile( could cost a lot ) so i said i think my line has been tapped into. So they are sending an engineer out on thursday the 5th sept to check my line which if its in the house they will charge me £99.00

    09/03/13 5:36 PM
  • Anonymous

    Got a call from this number today, asked for my ex husband who has never lived here. My number is ex directory. and never given out.

    08/30/13 10:11 AM
  • Denise

    Caller from this number sounded indian and asked for me by name. Said he was Jason and wanted to ask me some questions. I said what about and he said he wasn't selling anything and just wanted to ask questions. I hung up. Fed up with this type of call.

    08/23/13 7:32 AM
  • Anonymous

    Got a call from this number. The male caller, who sounded Asian, asked for me by surname. I said she wasnt here at the moment, he hung up. This was on my work landline

    08/20/13 10:36 AM
  • v.mullin

    got first call,i've had lots of asian callers saying computer problems
    how did they get x directory phone number most on bt line come up as international as i have family in eu i sick of these morons why do they think we will trust them,we don't know them.
    i wish bt would do some time to block scammers its time they sorted the engineering out to get shot of theses arseholes.

    08/19/13 6:26 AM
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