(01709) 766390

Phone Number: (01709) 766390
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Rotherham, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: BT
Timezone: Western European

Comments (01709) 766390

  • jessica

    I keep getting a phone call of them, and I don't have a Vodafone account.. So beats me why there doing it!

    11/12/15 11:37 PM
  • Fedupofidiotcalls

    They have called several times and never left a message. Today I picked up. The guy knew my name and seemed to have some vague details of my Vodafone contract and wanted to discuss more details.
    When asked, he said he was directly employed by Vodafone, not a 3rd party company - but because he works in a central call centre which other companies use for making calls, it's not technically possible to use a specific number which can be traced back to Vodafone to call me from. As this is technically nonsense I assume this is a scam.

    12/09/14 7:47 AM
  • Jidl

    I got a call and then I got paranoid. I checked with Vodafone and the Lievechat said they couldn't confirm that the number was theirs. I then phoned Vodafone and their contracts department confirmed that I did have a new contract pending.
    Aside from Vodafone being incompetent (3 Livechat users, passed from one to the other, 2 reps on the phone ebefore I got the right person). I don't think it's a scam.

    11/25/13 2:40 PM
  • Anonymous

    Just spoke to vodafone who said it was not them. Suggest Chris (below) asks them to get their act together.

    11/22/13 11:40 AM
  • mumof4

    this number has been trying to contact my mobile when i called bk after 2 rings they hang up on me wouldnt trust em as far as i can throw with this happening

    11/21/13 8:25 AM
  • Tony

    Chris that is utter bull***, you are either trying to troll phone number website, which has got to be the saddest thing I've ever come across or you are the ones making the calls from this number, try to have people give out their bank information to you. I'll be contacting RUScammer to ask them to pass your IP/DNS/ISP information to higher authorities as I believe you may be aiding the scam.

    Had calls from the this number a few times, answered yesterday, they were very persistent on me upgrading my phone contract, even though I had told them I had the highest upgrade possible for my contract. I'm marking this as 100% scam. Block the number, do not give any information to them

    11/20/13 3:50 PM
  • tracey

    My 14 year old sister is gettin them and they put the phone down when u ring back how can u get these people. I have rang the police and they said it happens all time all u can do is block the number !!!

    11/20/13 12:21 PM
  • chris

    i work for Vodafone and i am one of the people calling from this number the reason you cant call us is because were all on a central dialler so everyone's on the same number. the reason its 01709 is so people don't know where we work so they cant come and abuse us. We cant access people bank details or anything else unless we first confirm their identity. Also people bank accounts are just shown as stars so we cant find them out and use them. Please don't list us as scammers because it makes our job a lot harder

    11/19/13 2:00 PM
  • Joel

    Also got a call today. Been getting them for a while, but only answered once and I didn't say anything, then hung up.
    Here is how it went.

    Me: Hello?!
    Neil: Hi, this is Neil, am I speaking with Joel?
    Me: No, who is this?
    Neil: Please may I speak to Joel, sir?
    Me: Who the *** is this?!
    Neil: Please... S..sir-
    Me: Why the *** is grown man calling my 11 year old son on an unknown number?!
    Neil: E...excuse-
    Me: Who are you, and what you want with my son?!
    Neil: S..si-
    Me: How long have you been speaking to him?! Are you some kind of pervert?!
    Me: I'm going to be reporting this number to the police, and if they don't deal with you, I assure you I will!
    Neil: ...
    Hang up...

    Hopefully this will stop him/them calling in future. Sound like a possible scam. Vodafone would only every use numbers like 0800, 0845 etc. but this looks like a house number to me.

    11/19/13 1:40 PM
  • rachel

    Got a call today. Missed the first one. Tried to call back and rang but cut me off a few rings in. Later this afternoon got a call claiming to be vodefone. Funny thing is im not even on vodefone. Promptly told the guy I was with you but switched ages ago and was told I'd be taken off the mailing list. Now with another phone company. He asked me how much i pay and I said listen to me carefully. I'm not switching. I don't care what your deals are I'm not doing it. He said ok bye and hung up. I already knew it was a scam the first time because I googled the number when I couldn't get back in contact. Naughty naughty!!!

    11/19/13 11:35 AM
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