(0161) 939 0306

Phone Number: (0161) 939 0306
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Manchester, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: Digital Mail Limited
Timezone: Western European

Comments (0161) 939 0306

  • toodles

    Junead is quite right to say 'whatever you do do not answer this' Rez and so am unsure why you have gone into a long spiel about them saying this. Once you respond and they have it noted you have answered, you'll get constant calls. Maybe you should think before posting Rez.

    08/16/13 5:18 AM
  • Anonymous

    ANSWER THE PHONE! But don't say anything just put it in a draw or back in your bag/ pocket etc... Let them pay the cost of a wasted call... It then gets you off the system... It ll keep trying to call you till you do answer... It's quite funny if its not a recorded message if you just listen and say nothing just how long they ll stay on the phone for!? Lol... Or pretend your foreign and don't speak English... Wind em up its great fun!!

    08/14/13 9:34 AM
  • Andy

    they ring me twice a day every day but as yet i have not answered. this has been going on for nearly a month now. you would think they would give up by now. but no oh no. becoming annoying. i may have to answer and shout obsenities down the line next time. (which will be later this afternoon no doubt.

    08/12/13 9:06 AM
  • Amanda

    A nuisance caller, not sure who they are so I just decline all calls. What they do is ring my mobile, I decline it and IMMEDIATELY my house phone rings...once or maybe twice and then stops. My guess is that they rung several numbers at the same time and speak to whoever answers first.

    They ring 2-3 times a day and am fed up with them.

    08/08/13 3:29 PM
  • BextaUK

    Never ever answered any calls from this number. Just fob them off with a 'reject call' all the time. I googled the number after the first call I received and read that they are a pensions scheme scammer. AVOID!!!

    08/07/13 11:36 AM
  • Laura

    I don't answer it but then I don't answer calls I don't know but these people keep phoning me and it doesn'tatter what time either grrrr

    08/07/13 10:00 AM
  • Paul

    Several unsolicited calls from this number asking for a different name each time, you say you are not that person - they don't say who they are but ask you who you are and launch in to a spiel about helping you trace pensions - they don't listen if you say you know where your pensions are. They don't speak English very well and get aggressive when you say you don't want unsolicited ales calls and that your number is TPS registered, they won't sday where they got your number i.e. random dialling. Don't give them your name and report them on the information commission website. If you ring the number back you get an answerphone claiming they are Talk International on behalf of the Pension Tracing Service

    08/06/13 3:01 PM
  • M

    Phoned me on numerous occasions.
    I dont answer.

    Anyhow, its definately spam callers.
    Searched high and low over the internet.
    No valid company.

    So yeah dont answer and waste your time.

    08/05/13 1:30 PM
  • Rez

    From the research I've done on this number it is a pension tracing service. Their validity is not any more questionable than any other tele marketing company.
    Simply saying "Whatever you do, do not answer this" isn't really very helpful. People need to know why not. They need to know who it is and what the risk is. My guess is that they are trying to sell you something (likely), but I don't see the need for scaremonger warnings like that. Unless you know something we don't.. in which case, please share it.

    08/02/13 6:42 AM
  • Junead

    Whatever you do do not answer this

    07/30/13 12:41 PM
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