(0161) 321 7891

Phone Number: (0161) 321 7891
Search Date: 2014-04-17
Area: Manchester, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: Group 3 Technology Limited
Timezone: Western European

Comments (0161) 321 7891

  • j.buckley

    Is there any point in leaving these messages as it does not seem to stop the calls. I too receive these calls 2/3 times a day and am sick to death of them. They have used other numbers but the message is exactly the same.Who can do something to stop them

    03/20/14 3:11 PM
  • Poxy Pig

    I have been getting around 10 calls a week for over a year from these boiler salesmen who claim to know whether I have had a new boiler grant or not.
    Sometimes there are two or three calls in one day. More often than not, the call is dead when I answer.
    They are also doing something cunning to stop their calls appearing on caller display. In my case their number initially appears on my phone (Siemens) but after a few seconds that number blanks out and the phone has no record of having received the call. There is definitely nothing wrong with the phone, it works perfectly well with other callers.

    03/05/14 6:34 AM
  • Andrew

    About the 7th call this month. Pressed '2' to speak with someone, line went dead

    01/27/14 1:22 PM
  • Dave

    3 to 12 calls a day, reported to the ICO. Absolutely detest these types of cold calling.

    11/14/13 7:54 AM
  • Helen Whitelock

    Continuous land line calls currently ( November 2013) 3 and 4 a day, with recorded message about free boilers. Very irritating as I pay Sky to bar withheld numbers and this is getting through although the type of nuisance call I want o avoid. I know I am not entitled to a free boiler and anyway bought one 2 years ago so this is just mindless calling to anyone. I work with old, infirm people and have watched them struggle, at risk of falling to get to the phone for this type of call, they need stopping.

    11/14/13 6:00 AM
  • Mike

    Getting the same recorded message about a grant for my boiler from this number and from "caller is from a network that cannot transmit numbers". Everyday in late afternoon since I got a phone upgrade from carphone warehouse. Coincidence, maybe, but they didn't have a don't contact me or sell my details box...which is another story.

    Have reported to ICO.

    Will ram a telephone down the neck of whoever runs this, if happen upon them !

    10/18/13 11:21 AM
  • Anonymous

    I'm getting a couple of calls a day from this number. It's pissing me off.

    10/17/13 12:37 PM
  • John Dougherty

    I havebeen getting 6 - 10 calls weekily from this number. It is now getting nerve-wracking as we are waiting for calls for hospital appountments and MUST answer the phone.

    09/11/13 7:37 AM
  • Gerald

    We are Group 3 Technology and this number 0161 321 7891 has NEVER been issued [and we shall NOT be issuing it]. Therefore some one (or organisation) is "illegally" presenting that number as a CLI (Call Line Identity) number to hide their real number. We are also very interested to discover the source. It will require the recipient to have a trace put on their line from their telecom provider in order to discover what the real source calling party is.

    07/23/13 10:09 AM
  • Anonymous

    Recorded message

    05/02/13 12:43 PM
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