(0151) 958 0039

Phone Number: (0151) 958 0039
Search Date: 2017-12-16
Area: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info:
Timezone: Western European

Comments (0151) 958 0039

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Had a phone call from a "Liam" with a Liverpool accent. Said not a sales call and then said he could help me regarding "my car accident". I said I was confused as hadn't had an accident (yet!) and he then hung up. Bad business attitude. Tried to ring back t complain but got "invalid "extension" message"!

    12/06/13 7:06 AM
  • Trottingon4ever

    Had a few calls from these just got another one now and was prepared for them. Got a call from a scouser "Lewis" at the national advice center. I said I'm really glad you called Lewis as I need some advice on whether to shave my balls or not. Phone went down like it normally does, I thought it was a sensible question for advice seeing as he was calling from the national advice center. Never mind I wonder what I can ask advice on next time they call

    11/08/13 8:12 AM
  • Michelle

    They are very rude and is totally unacceptable behaviour.i tried to phone back but it said extension doesn’t exist.

    11/08/13 8:09 AM
  • Alan

    CH3 5AR
    Company No. 08438943

    Can't seem to find any usable contact details or Numbers but these guys call me twice a day pretty much and as already described when i say not had any accidents and ask who they are they hang up!

    11/06/13 9:45 AM

    Why waste money paying thick people who cant get any other job to sell *** products to total strangers who are never going to be interested. pointless

    11/04/13 7:29 AM
  • Barney

    Small minded pricks is a great opening line!! I have been told by one of these nice people to F**K O** when i told them i have not been in any accident,people do tent to get tard with the same brush,but hey i wonder why?
    Also if you have no beef with this number/people what on earth are you doing on this website?

    10/30/13 7:32 AM
  • Lisa

    I received a call today about 11am and after being cold called by different companies recently i decided to take action,a guy with a scouse accent called and asked for me and how i am,i replied with "I'm fine,but if this is a sales call I'm not interested" to which he replied "its not a sales call but I can't be arsed to be spoken to like *** so i won't bother telling you about the services i offer"...WOW!!!!really the way to respond to someone who has not requested your call and you ARE selling something otherwise i would have you saved in my phone and recognise your company name!if you don't like your job get off your arse and get another job with a decent company who don't allow you to talk to customers like crap and offer cheap shoddy services and go out of business regularly because nothing they do is legit!

    10/22/13 4:56 PM
  • N

    100% scam

    10/14/13 6:54 AM
  • Applecart14

    I had this call a number of times, but from 0151 958 0034. This is a scam. When he said he wanted to do a quick 60 second conversation with me and then take me off his books I said "good as I'm fed up with you ringing me' to which he then put down the phone.

    09/26/13 11:26 AM
  • Jenni

    they go by 0151 958 0034 as well, a woman called me and asked three questions about accidents i'd have and was surprised every time when I hadn't had one like she was confused and then the last question was "Have you ever had a slip in public?" or something and I said no, and she laughed... then it was silent for like 2-3 seconds, and she laughed again and hung up. When I tried to ring back to get my number taken off, it said the extension doesn't exist.

    09/25/13 11:29 AM
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