(01482) 971048

Phone Number: (01482) 971048
Search Date: 2017-01-22
Area: Hull, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: In Call Solutions Limited
Timezone: Western European

Comments (01482) 971048

  • Steve Hedge

    I had a call from 01482 971 048 on 16 Feb 2016 claiming to be from EE. The caller referred to me as Stephen (correct),mentioned something about my account and then asked to confirm who I was! I said if he knew who he was calling he would know my Surname so "tell me". Some waffle about "data protection act" and I said I was protecting my data, I had no idea who HE was and I would be hanging up - so I did.

    02/16/16 11:45 AM
  • satsuma

    I've had half a dozen calls ever since changing my EE tariff over the phone. While talking to the operator he just happened to mention that he was in Hull. So when I started receiving calls from a Hull dial code my suspicions were aroused. So far I haven't even got to talk to anyone as it usually rings off before I get to the phone.

    11/19/13 8:18 AM
  • Jools

    Just had a call from this number, last time I said I wouldn't be making a decision that day as been celebrating a sports win & to e-mail me which they said couldn't be done had to sign up then & there.

    Today they said I had horrendous charges on my home phone a/c which I hardly use. Told them to check their facts & hung up, then got call immediately on mobile. Seriously thinking of leaving Orange (EE) if this is how they pass on info.

    11/14/13 11:40 AM
  • John Dynostar

    These people have rung me continuously over the last 3- 4 weeks .
    I asked for email confirmation of what they are offering, but none was forthcoming.
    finally today I decided (as I have a minute during my dinner) to look the number up.
    if they are genuine orange then I am not very impressed with orange or EE as they now purport to be .

    11/13/13 8:34 AM
  • Krf

    Spoke to Orange. They confirmed legitimate. Not very professional in their approach but NOT a scam

    10/15/13 5:36 AM
  • Krf

    Don't think it was a scam. Offered me a new router to replace my old one free of charge. Said would un cap broadband usage as a loyalty bonus. Save me £1.50 per month on my BT connection. They DIDN,T ask for any bank details etc, so can't see a problem. The only information they had from me was confirmation of name, address and my email. Had no financial info off me at all, so at the moment I have no concerns

    10/08/13 2:43 PM
  • Orange customer

    Oh well this takes the biscuit! Return the call and the message says one of our 'EE Customer advisers' tried to call you' etc. So its not a scam.

    I don;t have a beef with what they are trying to sell me - I can work out whether its going to save me money or not. What I can;t believe is that they are ringing from Orange - bunch of half witted, arrogant little sh*ts. Talked over me, refused to listen to the point i was making. Refused to put me through to line manager. Wound up but feeling better... now time to complain directly to Orange and put these twerps out of a job ;)

    09/18/13 8:26 AM
  • Peter

    I've been told by Orange they are a legitimate.
    I am an Orange customer and they phoned me offering a combined landline and broadband deal. The knew my name, email address and certain letters of my password and took no personal details so I felt happy....until I read the messages here.
    So I phoned orange direct and they confirmed that the changes I had agreed to appeared on their system and the people who phoned me were working for them.

    09/13/13 12:11 PM
  • helen

    PS they also told me to ring my bank just in case as they did quote some bank details to me. Although they did say the end digits are not unique to you - everyone at that bank will have the same ending digits (apparently)

    08/30/13 8:52 AM
  • helen

    I've been called LOADS of times from this number over several months. Finally answered and a guy who said he was from orange and wanted to discuss my broadband service. He asked how I was finding it and I said slow sometimes, he then said ' ah its probably because you have the old (something) black router', I said 'its black but that's not the name of it?' he said 'it will be that one its fine'. He asked if I used the phone much ( i have free evening and weekend calls) I said only during the free periods. He then told me I'd gone over on a few months and that he could upgrade my package to one that gives me free any time calls and it would be cheaper than my current package (suspicion then began). He also said I will send you out a new router which will solve your internet speed issues. He then asked me to confirm my address, at which point I said I don't feel comfortable doing that as you have called me and I haven't agreed to anything as you've not even given me any information on the package yet. He said if it puts your mind at rest I can confirm the last few digits of the bank account details you have set up for your direct debit (and then spouted some numbers at me) at which point alarm bells started ringing and I told him I would check with Orange and could he call me back. I rang orange and they confirmed that they have not made any calls to me. The scammer has been trying to call me back since so I have just got off the phone with action fraud. They advised that next time the scammers call to advise them that I have checked with orange and they did not call me, that I have reported them to the police and to stop calling me. The lady at action fraud said they will probably keep ringing but to just keep telling them they have been reported.

    08/30/13 8:51 AM
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