(01269) 849064

Phone Number: (01269) 849064
Search Date: 2014-12-21
Area: Ammanford, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: BT
Timezone: Western European

Comments (01269) 849064

  • Buzz

    Silent call made 5 times today about 10 minutes apart. Very irtating as this was on my business number.

    04/04/14 7:38 AM
  • Phil Davies

    Silent callers these, I saw Moira's comment about them phoning for her departed mother. I had years of being called by a wheelchair company to speak to my departed wife. My recommendation talk to a no win no fee solicitor to get redress for the enormous distress the calls cause you. Bet they will stop ever so quick!

    03/24/14 7:38 AM
  • Billy

    Caller asked for my wife. Placed the phone in front of the telly & made them listen to Jeremy Kyle until they hung up.

    12/09/13 12:10 PM
  • Mark

    Spammers. Another 1 minute survey on behalf of 'British Household Study'. Asked for me by name and asked me to confirm my postcode. I told them I was on the preferential list and the woman, apparently from a call centre in the Philippines was actually very polite and apologised. Alas, I couldn't get out of her which company she was doing the 'survey' for.

    12/06/13 11:42 AM
  • JohnF

    Some idiot survey - reported to TPS and ICO - both toothless wonders

    12/06/13 11:34 AM
  • David

    Caller said running a '1 minute survey' - as others said a call centre 'buzz' in the background, Asian sounding. Said no thanks and put phone down.

    12/04/13 2:16 PM
  • Kate b

    Called saying from 'family dwellings uk' and wanted to conduct a short survey was this ok.
    (Urmm, no!)

    12/03/13 3:56 PM
  • CID

    Called and asked for my wife by name - call centre 'buzz' in the backgroud, Asian sounding. Asked him who he was and which company he represented - he would not answer so gave him short shrift. Don't waste time with them.

    11/27/13 3:11 PM
  • Moira Ross

    Told them to stop calling. Keep calling and asking if I'm my mother who died 3 years ago.

    11/23/13 7:04 AM
  • Toni

    Survey company claiming to be called UK Poll. Husband told them he couldn't talk as putting kids to bed and the bloke snidely said he'd phone back at 11pm then! Get about 10 calls a week from various numbers and they are obnoxious.

    11/18/13 3:53 PM
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