(01267) 220155

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Phone Number: (01267) 220155
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Carmarthen, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: BT
Timezone: Western European

Comments (01267) 220155

  • M

    Phoning on behalf of Legal & General - when asked where they got my number, replied that I'd done an online transaction where I didn't tick the box for marketing calls, and therefore they have my permission to ring!!
    Were pleasant enough when I asked them to remove my number - we'll see...

    12/16/13 6:57 AM
  • Terry

    These scammers are calling me while Im abroad and Im having to pay for these nuisance calls

    11/27/13 7:08 AM
  • AnnoyedCitizen

    the usual - a single one-off missed call, no messge left, usual pattern of behaviour, and when rang back a bit later (withholding my own number to be on the safe side, it was just a recording about some firm registered with FCA.....

    10/22/13 10:45 AM
  • Ted

    I have had multiple 'missed' calls from this group but I've never heard the phone ring. When I tried ringing back, I heard a noise like a fax machine and then a recorded message saying telling me that someone would be available shortly. I hung up.

    09/26/13 1:34 PM
  • Anonymous

    selling insurance on behalf of Legal and General

    08/23/13 6:17 AM
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