(0121) 400 0097

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Phone Number: (0121) 400 0097
Search Date: 2018-04-25
Area: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Provider Type: Information Unavailable
Carrier Info: Numbergroup Network Ltd
Timezone: Western European

Comments (0121) 400 0097

  • Teresa

    They rang me at 1.45 am I was asleep till then after a long working day.
    I am so pleased I read the comments on here, will not be returning their call.
    These scum need stopped, what happens to the elderly and vulnerable people who receive and return these calls?
    Why are the phone companies allowing this to happen?
    Is there nothing in place to eradicate such scum?
    If not Why not?.

    08/30/13 3:55 AM
  • Miss C

    Just had an automated phone call from these scammers at 1:19AM yes AM! Woke the whole house up! I've read other people's comments on google and they say whatever you do don't press any digits whilst listening to the call as that's how they get their money!

    08/29/13 9:37 PM
  • Hograth

    call from this number threatening to close my account I don't know these people or telephone number neither do I wish to press buttons to do this or that

    08/12/13 8:47 AM
  • Mieckele

    End of a message left on answering machine. Words Left "your account , please press... if you would like to stop receiving these messages

    07/29/13 12:49 PM
  • IRC

    PPI cold call

    07/03/13 10:18 AM
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